HP Deskjet 2130 Printing Media

Select the appropriate Media for printing

HP DeskJet 2130 is a fast and affordable quality printer that can print on different types of Media. You should make a choice of the print media with respect to print issues like wrapping, lines and streaks presence in the print document. The best print media for Deskjet 2130 is a plain A4 paper that is approved by ColorLok Technology. Your HP A4 sheet after printing has the essential quality of drying fast, bolder letters and reflective colors. If you need to print creative images then opt for the HP Advanced Photo Paper that can copy high contrast vivid graphics. One of the most determining factor is the Ink Smears issue for selecting the appropriate media. Try to find the optimum A4 sheet for your printer, otherwise you can go ahead and check for the print settings to resolve Quality issue.

Select the appropriate Print Settings

Double click to open HP DeskJet 2130 software from the desktop and then Click File and Print option. Depending on the Windows version your Properties Dialog box is termed as Preferences, Options, Properties, Printer and Printer Setup. Firstly, Click the Layout Type frame and select the Landscape or Portrait orientation. You can also duplex print manually using the option Print on Both Sides Manually from the drop down. Next, Click the Print Quality frame and set the appropriate resolution settings to print at Best or Normal or Draft Quality Modes. Later, Click the Advanced tab and then Click the Paper Size Drop down list to select the customized paper size for an optimum printing. You can also select between Color and Grayscale Printout option by accessing the Color Drop down list. Finally, you can create a print settings shortcut in your Desktop for any use shortly.

Align the DeskJet 2130

In order to align the print head you must first align the HP Ink Cartridges. You can open 123 hp printer setup software and then Click Print & Scan option. Next, Click the Maintain Your Printer option to open up the printer toolbox. Click Device Services frame and Click Align Ink Cartridges option. Your DeskJet should starts to print the alignment page. Follow up with the desktop onscreen instructions to again place the cartridge aligned page with the printed side down on you DeskJet 2130 Scanner glass. Click Scan button from the printer software to print a diagnostic sheet. Here in you can find the print head alignment and the quality of the print operation.

Replace HP Ink Cartridges

Switch Off the DeskJet power and then wait until the carriage becomes idle and silent. Draw the Output Tray and open the Cartridge access door by pushing downward. Locate the Cartridge tab to unlatch it and then press down to detach the Ink Cartridge. Ensure that you have removed all the packing and plastic flaps from the New HP Ink Cartridges. Now install the new cartridges within the cartridge tab and latch them on. Remember to install it according to Cartridge coded letters. Switch On the DeskJet power for operation.

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