HP Deskjet 2130 Print Quality Issue

HP DeskJet 2130 is a quick and cost effective printer that delivers a high yield while printing on various Media types. Your Printers are efficient at printing documents in professional quality. 123 HP dj2130 primarily requires a dye-based Tri-color and a pigment based Black color HP Ink Cartridges for instant printing. Your Printer normally exhibits quality issues in the form of depleted Ink Cartridge and Print properties settings. Some of the basic troubleshooting steps for improving Print Quality are:

Resolve HP Ink Cartridge Issue

Initially to resolve print quality issue you can inspect the HP Ink Cartridges for a proper installation. You can draw up the Cartridge access door and unlatch the cartridge tab to examine the Ink Cartridge. Remove the Cartridge and wipe off the electrical contact that is indicated on gold color dots. Further you can access the cartridge slot and clean the electrical contact present in the carriage print head. Now try to reinstall the Ink Cartridge and check for the print quality.

Resolve Ink Smears Issue

You can solve the Ink Smears Quality Issue over the HP Envy 2130 Control Panel itself. Firstly load a few A4 sheets in the Input Tray. Then you can press and hold the Power button while simultaneously pressing Cancel button 3 times and Start Copy Color button 8 times. Later release the Power button to initiate a print task that should last for a minute. Wait till the print sheet gets over and then examine the sheet for Ink Smearing and blotching.

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